Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cards

The pressure is on. For quite a few years I have been sending homemade Christmas cards. I love making them, but now everyone expects one and I am not one to disappoint. This year I thought and thought and thought about the card I wanted to make. I've done cute. I've done country. I've done clever. Hmmmmmmmm. So this year's card is elegant. Yep, I know kind of out of the box for me. Hope you like it. I got the idea for the tree from Impress Rubber stamps. To make it I used a snowflake punch and 2 shades of blue green Bazzill Cardstock and red Bazzill Bling Cardstock.
The snowflakes are glued in just the center so the edges jut up and stick out-just as the branches of a tree would.
I cut the Happy Christmas words using my Cricut and their Christmas Soluntions cartridge. The silver stripe and tree trunk are from silver paper that I have had in my stash for so long I have no idea where they came from....the silver stars however are a completely different story. They are Hotfix metallic stars. If you aren't familiar with Hotfix- it's awesome. Metals, beads and crystals in all sizes and shapes you can imagine that when touched with the heated Hotfix wand aheres in seconds to whatever you want to place them on. Fun, product that I will Blog more about later this week.

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