Monday, February 18, 2008

From Trash to Treasure

I spend a lot of time sitting in my car waiting for my kids. It's gotten so bad that lately I have taken to packing a tote bag with projects I can do in the car. It can't be anything to messy, or that has to many pieces. There can't be drying time involved and it has to be something I stop doing and then later pick back up where I left off. Lately my car project has been making envelopes. All I need to pack is a marker, a template, and whatever materials I want to use to make the envelope.
My material of choice has been empty boxes. So far I've turned boxes from Coco Pebbles, Strawberry Mini Wheats, and Busch beer into fun, envelopes. I have an envelope template. But, if you don't you can always carefully take apart an envelope you have and trace it. This is a great way to get varying sizes!
For working in the car I try and have the envelope traced onto the box before I go.. then when in the car I cut them out and fold them... scoring down hard on all fold lines. A good strong adhesive is a must. I like using E6000, but not in the car!!
The fumes- enclosed space, not a good picture! So I usually wait until I get home to glue and then set something heavy on top while they dry.

So far my favorite is this one made from a box of Cheweez dog treats. I think the little dog looks so cute. I plan on adding a white sticker to the front of each envelope for the actual address. Not bad for free, huh? And boy are they sturdy!
I'm hoping to make more envelopes from things like old calendar pages and shopping bags and leftover wallpaper. It sure beats just sitting there!

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Dawn said...

Amy these are so stinkin cute what a fun idea. I like that they are super sturdy and one of a kind to but fun treasures away in :)