Thursday, February 28, 2008

General Principals

If I had a motto it would unto others as you would have them do unto you. I'm the person at the grocery store who will reach for something on a tall shelf for someone who can't reach it. I talk to people when waiting in lines trying to say something that will brighten their day. I will drive your kids to school, take care of your dog when you're on vacation or sit with you at the hospital. It's just who I am. I try and see the best in people..but, some days I think that I am naive.

Those of you who know me- know that I invented a "spinning rack" for scrapbook supplies. I knew when I put the first one together that it was a killer idea and that it probably could be profitable. But, I decided to post the step by step instructions for free on Rocky Mountain Hobbies.

The rack was very well received - I got a lot of thanks and even some gifts from people wanting to thank me in the mail. Nearly 50,000 times have the instructions been viewed.

I've had people from Blogs and other Scrapbook Sites contact me asking if they could post the instructions- as long as they linked back to the instructions I had no problem with it. I still don't.

Last week, however, I discovered that a person decided to profit from my idea- without my permission. Not cool. They crossed a line and it's hurtful.

I wrote the person a series of emails and they eventually agreed to stop selling the plans.

What do you think? Was I out of line or do think I did the right thing?

The internet has made it so easy for someone to pass something off as their own. I worry that people will stop sharing their ideas.


Robin said...

No Amy, I think you had every right to be upset and it was not out of line. This was something you worked hard on and designed, and for someone to not only take credit for it but to make money in the process is just not right. On one of the yahoo groups I belong to someone posted the instructions word for word and even the same pictures but claimed it as their own and I posted back as this belonging to you and to give you the credit for it and even posted your blog site. It just ticks me off. Okay, of my soapbox.

Lori McDonald said...

You totally did the right thing!!!


As one of those blog people - I asked if I could post the location of your rack - and I had tons of thank yous because of it!!!!


People are unreal sometimes!!!

TammyB said...

I agree - you had every right to be angry. What is it with people these days? I did make one of your spinning racks and shared a picture but linked back to the RMH website if they wanted to know how to make one. Unfortunately, this happens alot. I own a Wishblade and a forum offering downloadable cutting files just went through this same thing. Someone downloaded the free files, made a CD and was selling it on eBay. It's sad that people stoop to this level to make a buck.