Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Not a very complicated layout- but, I really wanted not to detract from the photo!
Always keep your eyes open for things that can be used as embellishment. The Boy Scouts of America strip at the bottom is actually from a Uniform shirt my son spilled paint on. I also saved the pockets, buttons and American Flag patch from the sleeve!

The arrows were plain chipboard that I covered with paper and then used a large nail file to sand around the edges. Taking time to do this simple step makes a world of difference!

When you have a ton of photographs surrounding a cetain theme (like I have for Scouts) look at all papers for patterns and colors that will work, don't just limit yourself to those designed for your exact theme. For example, the patterned papers used here are from the Basic Gray Mellow collection. Having papers like these will add a lot more interest to my son's finished album.

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