Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here's a cool tip that will really stretch your scrapping dollar! I made the pages below for a gift- so there are no photos- but, you can see the technique I used. I had chipboard letters in a great style-but, they were the wrong color. So I used double sided tape and stuck them to my table top, placed my patterned paper over them in the position I wanted the title and then lightly sanded with sandpaper until I got the desired effect.

Then out of a piece of cardstock I cut out the little fish and kept sanding and moving my paper along until I had him everywhere I wanted him to be. Pretty cool, huh? Better yet I still have my chipboard letters ready to use again and again. This technique works best on paper with a white core. In other words when you tear it- you see white along the torn edge as opposed to seeing the same color as the outside of the paper- however I have seen some cool techniques on solid color paper, sand and then go over top with chalk in a contrasting color for some pizzazz!


Lori McDonald said...

Amy - I need help!! I started on my scouting stuff - and I got stuck!!!
Email me!!!


Stacie said...

Shut up! That is the coolest!!

Seriously, your brain rocks.