Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Choosing Colors

Interesting color combinations can be found in all kinds of places. Clothing, fabrics, wallpaper all are excellent sources for color pallette ideas. I especially like to clip things from magazines that I find inspirational. This photo is from a back issue of Country House magazine. Not only do I love the colors (I would have never thought to combine them myself) but, I also love the patterns found
on the fabric swatches and notebooks! I will tuck this into my Art Inspiration book.
Keep your eyes open for interesting color combo's it's well worth it when you need
something to help kick start a layout!

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Stacie said...

#1, that's a fantabulous color combination that I probably never would have picked out on my own. #2, I'm a magazine clipper (actually, I'm a magazine-page-corner-bender... then eventually a tearer-outer. But still, you get me.) #3, I subscribe to three magazines and Country Home is one of them (Somerset Studio is the second - it comes with FREE artist's paper inside every single month AND the paper quality of the magazine itself it crazy good. The third magazine is Domino which gets raves from me because it comes with it's own set of post-it flags in each issue and there is always some serious designer eye candy to gawk at.)