Thursday, January 4, 2007

It pays to complain!

Update to my Nintendo Wii saga! Two days before Christmas I finally had to give up looking and admit I had been defeated. Poor Jake was going to open for Christmas games and accessories for a Nintendo System he didn't have. I was frustrated and upset. It wasn't fair. I tried everything humanly possible to find it for a truly deserving kid while others had them simply for profiting off them on Ebay. I had to get it out of my system so I went to the Nintendo website and wrote a scathing email.

Imagine my surprise when they actually wrote back and asked me for my phone number and for a good time to call. Well, last night I was again shocked when they called.
And then I was delighted and amazed when they apologized to me that I wasn't able to get one in time for the holidays and asked me to apologize to Jake too. Then a miracle happened-- they offered to sell me one at retail price, plus shipping. More than fair. Of course I jumped at the offer and it is on it's way. They were even kind enough to supply Jake with a fun link to track his Wii as it makes it way across country.

I must say I am shocked. I went from thinking they were a company who created all this hype on purpose to being stunned that they are a company who really cared about a little boy in Georgia who didn't get his Christmas wish.

Go figure.


Heather said...

OMGosh, Amy! What a great story!! I'm so glad for Jake and that they are willing to make children happy -- and not just make a buck!

Stacie said...

::shocked:: Seriously? My opinion of them just went up quite a bit! And so glad Jake gets his Wii! :-)