Friday, January 19, 2007


I've been looking at sneak peaks for CHA this week. I think the newest trends are going to be anything Kraft paper. Use of real office supplies and more " found" type objects. I'm jazzed. These are all things I love. In the window of antique store the other day I saw a framed picture of a christmas tree on green velvet. The entire xmas tree was made out old rhinestone jewelry. It was darling. Which leads me to my scrapbook inspiration idea of the day. What's in your jewelry box? A quick rummaging of mine produced an inexpensive gold heart charm with the name of my high school and the date of my prom. My American red cross pin and one my Grandmother wore during WII. A necklace with handmade beads that look like orange slices that I've never worn..but, would make cute embellishments. One very quick glance and I have 3 LO ideas! The charm I will use and scrap my prom picture (I went with my husband), the Red Cross Buttons I will photograph and use that for a Layout and the beads I will save until I need them. I'm going to be sure to tell my family and friends not to throw away broken and unwanted jewelry. Save it for me!

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