Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Have To Confess.....

That I really enjoyed making this book. It's the first time I have done an online class and I must say it was nice to get to relax and let someone else come up with the ideas for a change. I confess that I had a lot of other scrapping projects that I should have been working on this weekend. But, it's been a particularly stressful
weekend and I need something to help me unwind. If you've never done an online class this one is offered at and it is free!

This is the cover of my book. The gorgeous ribbon is off of a gift I received for xmas. Yep- those are my eyes. I think they look sad here- not the way I see them when I look in the mirror. Kind of wish I made this photo black and white and colorized the pupils.

"I've got to boogie" I confess. Don and I used to go dancing all the time when we were dating. Much to the kids horror there are nights when we sneak down to the basement- start up a CD and Boogie, Oogie, Oogie. Hope you aren't horrified too.

I am truly afraid of driving the Interstates here in Atlanta- so I don't do it.
Six lanes across, bumper to bumper, zillions of big trucks, 80mph. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

Ah, breakfast the best meal of the day. Bubba's biscuits is right up the street from Jake's school. My confession this time is that at least once a week after I get the boys to school I buy myself an egg & cheese biscuit. It almost makes carpool at 6:00AM worth it.

This was a more personal confession. I keep catching myself wondering and worrying about life after kids. I am so in love with my life just as it is and I can't imagine what things will be like once the boys have grown and moved away. I have
been a SAHM their entire lives. Who will I be once they don't need a Mommy anymore?

My last confession - I blame loving the Steelers on my husband- but, I secretly know that I am without a doubt a bigger fan. I can't wait to get to watch the games. I plan the perfect snacks, hang the banners and put on my Jersey. I watch the clock like a hawk don't wanting to miss a second.


Heather said...

What a GREAT cover!!! Love the whole book...!!!

Pam said...

LOVE your cover! Nice touch using the lined paper too.

Stacie said...

AMY! This is fantastic! The close cropped photos are great and your journaling on the notepad paper is a really cool touch! I'm so impressed! :)

Stacie said...

P.S. Your eyes don't look sad - they're very pretty!

Michelle Payne said...

I LOVE your onfessions book. I can't wait to start on mine! I'm workig on the pics today. You have totally inspired me to get mine done for ME.

crazierinreallife said...

Amy- this is awesome!!!!. Absolutely love it!!!

Lori said...

LOVE it, your eyes are gorgeous! I love the journaling on notebook paper too, this turned out fantastic!

Latharia said...

Looks wonderful. My cover page (stuff collected, not yet assembled) is also a pic of me with just my eyes peeking out! :) Love the empty nest page the best!