Saturday, May 26, 2007

Scraproom Thrifting

This morning my husband suggested that we go out to breakfast and then visit the new Goodwill in a neighboring town. How could I say. "No"? On the way there we stopped at a couple of yard sales and an estate sale. At the first sale my heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the lovely vintage office chair in the perfect shade of green for my scrapping room. "Ugh" I thought when I saw it.. "I have to have it and Don will never understand". But, he saw the twinkle in my eye and asked the woman how much it was! She said.. whatever you want to give me. He handed her $3.00 and this gem was mine!

Next we arrived at the Goodwill. Disappointing! Large and well organized our only finds were two Pampered Chef Cookbooks, a crock pot cookbook from the 60's for the "pot-luck cooker", a much needed metal dog dish and a steel case money box that was missing it's divider. Total spend $5.50.

The next stop was a yard sale that was obivously being run by professional yard salers. The prices were ridiculous. But, I did manage to find an enamel flower brooch that I will use as a scrapping embellishment. Cost 50 cents.

Then we stumbled on two shabby roadside stands. The first was a complete waste of time.. but, as the 2nd I found antique glitter called Stardust Tinsels. Little test tubes filled with gorgeous antique glass glitter. I just knew the price would be sky high and had braced myself to be prepared to put it back on the shelf.. but, the
price of $1.00 left me lightheaded. Then the woman added to it with a package of vintage pink star sequins! Have you ever seen anything so wonderful?

Last, but not least, was our stop at an estate sale where I found not one, not two, but, three nice sized steel case file boxes. Once cleaned up and painted these will make for awesome stylish storage for my scrapping supplies. I also found a vintage stapler, boxes of old tiny plastic index labels with lots of alphabet letters, a pink kitty applique, sturdy seam ripper and sewing ruler. Grand total..$2.00 for the lot.

I think I will take Don thrifting with me more often. He must be lucky!


Heather said...

I think I need to come shopping in GA!!

Stacie said...

AMY! I've missed you. And I'm seriously coveting your stuff! :)

GeorgiaC said...

I STILL sit in a chair like that! Must be the same office store. LOL