Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spinning Out of Control

The recent unexpected outbreak of severe storms in nearby Atlanta and across all of Georgia (including my house...eeek!)caused me to slow down. I actually spent most of Saturday organizing and cleaning, glued to the TV in case I needed to make a mad dash to the basement. The rest of the week had been hectic and had taken it's toll on me. On top of that my pc had to be repaired and I didn't have it for 8 days. Oh the horror! I'm behind on Scrapping projects and oh, just about everything else in life... but, the storms managed to give me a new perspective- I can't control everything and I can only control certain things. As always seems to be the case- the day after the storms (today) is going to be a gorgeous day- I'm going to enjoy it...and appreciate it for what it is :) Thanks for hanging in there with me while I was MIA.

I participated in an online crop recently where I made this altered cd. The challenge was to alter a cd and post your completed project in under an hour. This picture of my son's girlfriend and her friends cracked me up. They are to young to remember the TV series Charlie's Angels- yet there they were in it's iconic pose.
I guess you could call this hybrid scrapping, because I searched on the internet for the original Charlie's Angels poster, printed it out in black and white and then cut out the silhouettes. Once cut out I inked over the entire cutout with black Stazon.
I think it turned out pretty groovy.

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