Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scrap Trolley

You start a layout and when you're finished you have big scraps left over from the cardstock and patterned papers you used. How do you store all those wonderful scraps? My solution is what I call a scrap trolley. It's actually a rolling file folder holder. First I placed the hanging folders like I would have if I was using the trolley for it's intended use- then inside of each hanging file I placed an unused page protector with the open end usually used to slide your layout inside facing upward. Inside these page protectors is where I sort by scraps. I have seperate protectors for cardstock and patterned paper and then sort by color. Each protector holds 2 different distinctly contrasting colors.. for example I have black and white cardstock housed together. I've been using this system for years and it's one of the few storage systems that I have never changed. Best of all, the trolley fits right next to me rolled under my desk and when I need a small piece of this or that I just pull it out, find what I need and then roll it away out of sight.

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Lori McDonald said...

I have all my scrapping paper organized in a system close to this!!!