Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wonder where I have been? I've been busy working on and off at Boy Scout Summer Camp. I LOVE that place. I would stay the whole summer if they would let me. This layout is of my oldest son looking at a cool moth in one of the shelters at camp. The title is simply printed out on regular computer paper and then I colored it in using an artist crayon. I also used the crayon to color in the arrows from the Rusty Pickle paper. Sort of half crayon-half pastel these crayons are awesome- because you get to rub and buff and smear until everything looks just the way you want it to- it's perfect in it's imperfection, because all those smudges and lines add an artistic flair to the layout as well as some much needed texture!

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Stacie said...

Holy cow - what a great photo! The layout is fabulous with those colors and patterns. You've got a great eye :)