Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art Journal

At an antique store I discovered a leather bound book with a very unique binding system and instantly knew that I could make it into the perfect Art Journal. The book was a cheap looking brown leather painted with gold flecks and the string that held the binding together was a garish yellow cord. But, the bones were good and the idea was strong so I brought it home.
First I removed the cording and made myself a diagram of how exactly it was strung so I could replace it with a choice of my own. I then sanded the book and applied Gesso. Then the fun began. Layers of paint, lots of sanding, a crackle finish, more sanding, more paint. Finally I had a look I was happy with. Then it was on to finding the perfect images. The bird images were applied with Modge Podge.
Next the sheet music strips and more paint and more sanding. Then the rubon words and aged heart. I liked it and applied a good coat of Modge Podge over everything.

Next I decided on the paper and bought 2 pads. One Acrylic Paper and one Watercolor Paper. I removed 10 sheets from each pad and cut them to size. Then punched the holes into each page and applied circle strenghtening stickers around the holes on both front and back. Staggering Acrylic page and Watercolor page I stacked the pages and began the process of binding. For this I chose I lovely blue and white fabric trim I had in my stash. Lastly, I added a little bling in the form of an antique clover shaped rhinestone and pearl pin that I had purchased at an antique show. I love my journal and can't wait to get work inside.


Heather said...

W O W !!! Nice job!

Ali said...

Hi Amy,
I sure do miss your inspiration!