Monday, January 12, 2009

The Book

I woke up this morning and just knew what I had to do. Start an Art Journal. Today would be the day I started my quest to find the perfect book. I have pondered this idea before and knew that I wanted an old book. Something with a leather cover, loved and worn. A book of good size and shape. Thick, but not to thick. Slightly aged pages very little or no pictures. But, most importantly the book needed to speak to me. It had to say.. I am the one.
I browsed through antique mall after antique mall until I say it. Right size, right shape, lovely leather cover, perfectly aged binding and the title Quests and Conquests was perfect. I had to have it! But, there wasn't a price on my treasure. I literally held my breath as I took it to the counter to inquire about it's cost.
$5.00 was verdict which I gleefully paid and hurried home. I love the feel of the book. I love it's weight. And then I really looked inside. I will not alter this book. It's AMAZING. Full of daily inspirations and bits and pieces of wisdom. Parts of famous speeches and things to ponder, day after day. I love this book all the more for what is inside and the quest for the perfect journal continues. Quests and Conquests will now be the inspiration for the pages of the Art Journal as each page is a wealth of knowledge. This is the book I was truly meant to find.


Heather said...

Looks FUN! I can't wait to see what all you do with this!

Lisa said...

Hi Amy,
I too had found a copy of this same book at my local antique store. I was going to use the pages for altered art, at least that was my intention. My book was $3.00 and is an older copy that yours but after bringing it home and gazeing upon the pages and I had the exact same thoughts. There was no way I was going to take apart this beautiful book, even though the binding was coming apart. When I was googling the book to try and find out info or a copyright date I came across your blog. As best as I can tell my copy is from 1933. It truly is a book of inspiration!!