Sunday, January 4, 2009


Earlier this week I returned from PA where we were for the holidays. It took us 10 1/2 hours to get home. I have never been good at sitting still- so for me a drive like that is particularly uncomfortable.
We had just finished unpacking the car when my son's friend arrived and they decided to go get something to eat.
Somehow in all the confusion of packages in and suitcases and laundry piles, our dog Bert managed to get outside and my son's friend drove over his foot! Good thing we got the van unloaded because the boys stuck Bert into the back and off we headed to the emergency vet.

What an ordeal that soon as we got there they made me fill out forms- Then they wanted to make a copy of my drivers license. Crap! I had been using 2 purses on the trip to PA and the license was in my other purse. Luckily my son had his permit with him and they copied that...finally we head to the exam room.
They look Bert over and then head off to type me an estimate. When presented it had they best case scenario price and the worst case scenario price, which were vastly different. I also had to decide then and there if I wanted him to have lifesaving measures in case of heart failure (extra charge $300.00).
I look at Bert all pitiful and agree to treatment even though I still don't know what is wrong!
Then the unreal part.
I have to pay in cash.
Yep, you heard me Since I don't have my drivers license they won't treat him until I give them cash.
My debit card isn't good enough, my credit card isn't good enough, forget about a check- Bert is going to suffer and receive no attention until I provide $$$$'s.
I have to leave the vet's office and find an ATM.
Luckily it turned out that there were no broken bones. $400.00 later all they did was shave his leg, clean his wounds and apply gauze. They did however provide me with a lovely CD of xrays of his foot. So it's only fitting that today's layout is about Bert.

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Heather said...

Poor Bert, but HOLY COW! What a RACKET!!! I'm so sorry it cost so much, but he totally looks worth it...