Saturday, March 29, 2008

Loose Ends

The scrapping part of my life is driving me nuts. It's nothing but loose ends. Partially done projects, partially completed scrapbook room. I look around at all these pictures of other people's scrapping things and they are so finished and polished. How do other people do it? That's my question of the day. I'm determined to get things completed. No more loose ends.

Here's an acrylic album I started for my son's girlfriend. She knows that I am making it for her... so it's my first loose end to finish... Here's what I have completed so far:

I wanted to really play up the clear empty spaces of the acrylic album. Afterall if you cover evertthing with paper- what's the point of working in a clear album?

Working with Acrylic Albums is all about preplanning. What you put on one page will show up on the next page. I wanted to add some fun funky pages to the book- so I made my own pages from Hambly Acrylic Sheets- the black stitching is on the actual edge of the page.

One of my favorite things about the album so far are the faux photobooth strips.
I made them by printing small photos and then cropping them to the same size and
applying them to blank photo paper in a strip. Fun!
That's it for the album thus far... I promise to add more soon. I also promise to get cracking on the scrapbook room during the next two weeks.... I think I will be purchasing the final piece on Tuesday!

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