Tuesday, March 25, 2008


What's with the weather? Yesterday I experienced the strangest weather phenomenon. It was warm and sunny- probably close to 70 degrees-when suddenly a black cloud was overhead and it started to snow. It was the strangest thing... there I am sitting in van for carpool with the windows down and no coat when snowflakes started hitting my windshield. At first I thought it was petals blowing off flowering trees- so I got out of my car to be sure.... there was no doubt about it..snow! Of course it melted the instant it landed on anything- but, how weird is that?? Then last night it went down to freezing! It hasn't been the cold for a long time. I want it to be Spring so badly- no more freezing weather!
In honor of spring I am posting a flowery layout.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. They remind me of my Grandmother. She tatted the piece of lace on the top of the layout- so pretty. Remember when I told you to save to scalloped cardboard label on the top of Cool Whip? That's what I traced and used as a template for the scalloped journaling circle. Thanks for visiting today- hope you have a warm spring day!

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