Monday, March 17, 2008


Looking for a fun gift idea? I covered a Rubik's Cube with photo's from a recent train museum visit with my nephew. Here's how:

First, remove all the colored square stickers from the cube. Be patient this takes a while. Once all the stickers are removed there will be a little bit of glue residue- I removed this with Q-tips and fingernail polish remover.

Next measure the side of your cube and determine what size of photograph you will need. You will need to make your photos slightly smaller than the side of your cube so that there will be room for the border around the photograph and for the space in between the cubes. You will need 6 photographs.

Finally determine the size of each cube and what size you will need to cut your photograph. Cut the photograph into thirds and then each of those strips into thirds.
Only cut one photo at a time! Lay the photograph pieces out on your desktop in the proper order and begin adhering to one side of your cube. I used Zip Dry paper glue.

Repeat with all 6 sides!


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

I love this.....great idea.

Robin said...

This is so cool Amy. I have one of these I have played with in years. Now to find some pictures for it. Thanks.