Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thrifty Find

It's been a while since I've posted a Thrifty Find- but, I haven't stopped thrifting. A while ago I picked up for $1.00 this very cool stencil book. It's full of stencils of construction equipment. I was so tickled with this find. Not only is my husband a construction superintendant - but, I have pictures to scrap of a camp I ran a few years ago that had a construction theme.
If you haven't used stencils before when paper piecing. They are great! Just trace and cut. If you want to vary your papers and patterns. First trace the entire stencil onto cardstock for your background. Lightly with pencil draw on the interior lines. Then use the stencil on patterned and different colored papers to trace just the segment you need of that particular color or pattern. Cut out and adhere it on your background piece using your pencil lines as a guide.
A white eraser comes in handy to remove all pencil lines. I always rub my eraser on a blank piece of paper first to make sure it won't leave any smear marks.
Details can be added with thin markers, chalk and ink. Next time you are thrifting don't overlook children's items. You might be surprised. It's a if I purchased 10
die cuts, perfect for my pages for a buck!

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