Saturday, December 2, 2006

Felted Wool

This is an ATC card I made for a swap.
I love the look of felted wool.
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I think I actually inspired myselt to make more
wool things for my scrapbooks.


Heather said...

Amy! It's so good to see you bloggin'! Thanks for the free inspiration! ;)

Jodi said...

This is dang this for the RMH swap...I hope so cause I want one.

Stacie said...

This is so cute! Did you felt the wool yourself?

Amy McCarty said...

Heather- Thanks! I think I am really going to enjoy having a blog.

Jodi- Yep it's for the Fabric ATC swap at RMH. Glad you like it.

Stacie- Yep, I felted the wool myself! I hook rugs so I have lots and lots of scraps.