Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nintendo Wii

I despise Walmart. I have been relentless in my pursuit of a Nintendo Wii. After a failed attempt to purchase system on Release Day I stayed up all night on waiting for their release- which never came. They accumulated 600 complaints that night that they promptly deleted.

My next attempt was to compile a list of local stores that carry it according to the offical Wii site and started making daily calls. Still no luck.

So my son and I camped out waiting to get one only to be 2 people to far back in line.

Our local radio station was filling xmas wishes so I wrote to them that all I wanted was to locate and be able to purchase a Wii. They read my letter on the air and called me with the names of 2 stores that had it in stock. Trouble is everyone else heard it too and beat me to them.

This morning I got up at 4 am so I could be at Target at 8 am when they opened. When the doors opened I was shoved aside by a group of 20 something boys who ran through the store and bought all the controllers. They didn't have any Wii's in stock.

That afternoon I recalled my phone list only to find out I missed Wii's at a local Walmart by minutes. She said they were delivered by UPS and that they maybe they were headed to the next Walmart down the Highway. I called the store and the associate suggested that I come in and wait.

I stood there for 20 minutes hoping only to be approached by a Manager and told that I couldn't just stand in the electronics department.

I could have Snapped... seriously. I give up. Poor Jake.. the kid did nothing to deserve this let down.


Stacie said...

I'm sorry, Amy :-P

I've been trying to find one of those Fisher-Price cameras for Sean but they're either sold out or way over priced on Ebay (I refuse to pay $108 for a toy for my five year old.)

At least Sean is young enough that his wish list includes a lot of other stuff that will make him forget the camera. I'm saying "I'm sorry" because I know how much it means to want to fulfill your children's wishes when the opportunity arises. I had to talk myself out of beating myself up over not finding the camera!

Hang in there. I would type one of those "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" type Christmas verses but really, I'd probably punch someone in the head if they offered that as solice at this point.

Heather said...

What about a cool "Wii" certificate that promises that he'll get it just as soon as it's found -- just so he knows all is not lost. (I used the word COOL to make it sound better than it is...)