Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This Means WAR!

I've got nothing today but ants! I'm not sure if they are tired of roasting in the Georgia sun or if the drought has caused their migration, but thousands, no hundreds of thousands, no make that millions or nearly microscopic ants have taken up residence in my house. Now before you start thinking that my house must be a pig sty I need to tell you where we've found these invaders. Yesterday they were in my oldest sons dresser. In a room where no food is allowed. They were in between every fold and in every pocket in every drawer of clean laundry. 9 loads of laundry and a good vaccuuming and they were gone... until this morning when my husband found them..in our master bathroom.. he took the RAID approach and they were gone ...only to reappear two hours later and two stories lower in the basement on the bookshelves!
Did I mention that they sting or bite or do whatever ants do when you are trying to wipe out their existance? After the 2nd bite I declared war. I think they took me seriously and have called for reinforcements.
Does anyone know how to get rid of this army? It's really cutting into my scrapping time!

Anyway- don't forget to check and see if you've won a Summer Paperbag Album. I've only gotten 2 addresses so far... so 6 winners haven't contacted me yet! Those of you won didn't win on the first drawing - read the post below any unclaimed kits and I'll keep drawing names.

Lastly ..I've been so busy planning ant warfare strategy that I hadn't heard about the hysterically funny woman who has become famous overnight because of an Ebay auction she posted selling Pokemon cards her kids snuck into the grocery cart.
Thankfully, my dearest friend told me about her and her blog and if it can brighten my insect filled day.. I know it can brighten yours. It shouldn't be missed by anyone whose a parent:



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GeorgiaC said...

Just checking to see if you got my email with my address. Thank you so much for your generosity.