Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scrappy McGuiver

I made a dozen of these suckers. They are part of a grand plan for table decorations for the oldest son's Eagle Scout reception. The pattern for the knife came from a Klutz book about Mini-books. The red part of the knife is covered in red duct tape.

If you haven't checked out Duct tape recently it comes in a bunch of great colors and has lots of good altering and scrapping possibilities!!

I made the scout emblem using ink jet shrinky dink "paper". Fun, fun, fun. If you haven't tried it .. I totally recommend it. I felt like a kid.. peeking in the oven window watching it curl and shrink- flashbacks of Easy Bake Oven days for sure.

Personally, I think my favorite part are the brads that look like real screws. Why oh why do things like that make my day?

Anyway- I didn't have to run to the store for a thing... guess I was "Prepared".


Lori McDonald said...

I love love love it!!! What a great idea!!! You are just sooo clever!!! I am glad I found you!!!

You know we GA Girls need to stick together!!!!

Thanks for sharing Amy!!!


Heather said...

This is DARLING!!

Stacie said...

I may have to borrow this if I ever get around to doing an Eagle Scout album for Rusty (or his dad... or his grandpa... or my dad...)

I'm tired just thinking about it :)

P.S. I miss you too!

GeorgiaC said...

We'll just have to call you "McGuiver-ess" I love your ideas!


Carrie said...

What a neat idea! Sooo Cute! Thanks for sharing.