Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Favorite Adhesive

Love, Love, Love this glue. I use it for EVERYTHING! It's self leveling so it doesn't leave bumps. It's clear. Dries quickly and the best thing about it is that if you use to much or accidently get any of it where you don't want it.... :::drum roll please:::: all you have to do is rub and roll your finger around on top of it
and the excess forms a little glue glob that you can simply pick up and throw away.
Seriously, this stuff rocks! It's strong enough to hold metal and plastic embellishments and a bottle lasts forever! No longer do I worry about tape runners and running out or going off track. No longer do I have a zillion little square paper backs to pick up and throw away. It's the bomb.


Heather said...

OK - I've wondered about this. Do you use it on your PICTURES? And it doesn't leave that wet rumple behind?

Lori McDonald said...

Shut up -- I will need to get this ASAP!!!