Friday, August 31, 2007

Easy Does It

This is a technique that I really love to do. It will work with any patterned paper that is white inside when you tear it. It's simple to do and provides a great new look to your layouts. Simply, select the chipboard shape or letters of your choice.
They can be store bought, handcut or made with a die cutting system. For the examples below I used Making Memories chipboard letters and handcut the little fish.

Next lay the chipboard on your work surface the way you'd want it to look on your layout and secure it into place using a little double sided tape.

Place your patterned paper over your chipboard where you'd like the image to appear and gently go over it with sandpaper and slowly remove the patterned part of the paper until you can clearly see the letters or shape below.

Remove the chipboard from your work surface and take off the double sided tape. Your chipboard is ready to be used again and again.

Finally, for a little more definition I outlined my letters and shapes with a thin black marker.

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