Sunday, October 7, 2007

Customer Service

Is it just me or does customer service seem to be going extinct? My DSL has been awful for over a month- sometimes (like last week) I can't get online at all. It's so frustrating when I call and the only explanation I get is "we are aware of the problem and are working as quickly as possible to correct it" so two weeks ago out of utter frustration I decided to take action and sign up with another company who was to send me my new modem arriving in "7 working days". So here we are 15 days later still waiting. Ugh. This may not be a solution just the same problem with a new address. We'll see.
Then my husband comes home with a new pair of pants and when I take them out of the bag I notice that the anti-theft dye tag is still attached. I call the store and they tell me that there is no way to remove it at home without ruining the pants and that I would have to bring them back to the store. No apology. Trouble is the store is 30 minutes from the house and I just didn't have an hour of free time for tag removal. Not to mention the waste of pricey gas. Finally, on Friday I was heading that way and stopped in to get the tag removed. The girl at the register was busy talking to another girl who also worked there about a new TV show and I had to after 5 minutes of standing in plain view interrupt their conversation to get assistance.
The girl removes the tag and then says in this tone of voice - "good as new" and walks away without as much as an I'm sorry you had to make a special trip - heck she didn't even put them back in the bag.
It's no wonder that people seem grumpier to me than ever... I think we are all tired and frustrated and wanting to scream. Why oh why is it so hard to do what you are being paid to do? Afterall, they expect my payment on time. I wonder what would happen if I just didn't pay them and said " I am aware of the problem and am working to correct it as soon as possible" and nothing else.
I am sorry to those who have been checking my blog to find nothing new- It's not my fault- but, I feel awful.


Robin said...

I totally understand Amy. I was wondering where you where, I missed your daily blogging. I don't think I could have been as understanding as you, my mouth might have gotten me in trouble when she said that, LOL. Well I hope you DSL problems get resolved soon. You have a great night and take care. Smile

Anonymous said...

We all have frustrating times like that. I had missed reading your blog, but I can understand your troubles. It is a pity that in so many places customer service is becoming extinct. I have just come to the point that I don't patronize places with employees who treat me badly. Sometimes, I even let the manager know. If it is bad enough, I let my friends know. Oh well, enough of that soapbox! Take care and don't let them get you too upset - it's not worth it!

Heather said...

My husband and I have a saying for the problem ".84 cents is your change" For people who think you have all day for them to check you out and don't really care! And I know how you feel about your DSL I spent last week talking to Verizon tring to upgrade to a faster speed half way into the week I finally talked to someone who maybe knew what they were talking about, but I'm still waitng for the new modem. So we'll see!!!

The day is bound to get better!!!! :)