Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm back!! (Kinda -Sorta)

Okay quick update and then on to fun scrapping stuff.

1). My old DSL is suddenly running up to snuff.
2). I picked up the system for the new DSL - only snag is that it hooks up to the
cable TV jack which of course is on the other side of the room. I just haven't
had the time to rearrange my entire scrapping area yet. ::sigh:: it's never
3). Now that I can actually load and post- I am planning on making up for lost time
so keep checking!

Hints of the day!! Ink is your friend so are markers! For the oh so Groovy ATC card
the colors in the ribbons were perfect- but, the ribbon's white background wasn't. What is a scrapper to do?
If you said run to the store and look for something else. Shame on you! You've probably got an entire arsenal of inks and markers. Find the right shade and color that background! For ink just turn the ribbon face down onto the ink pad, apply a little pressure to the ribbon with your finger and then with your other hand pull the rest of the ribbon along the pad. If it isn't dark enough, repeat! Voila- ribbon the exact right shade and color!

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