Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Going where no man has gone before...

Look at what you have in a different light! This mini album about a trip to Kennedy Space Center has a unique size and style. The space shuttle on the cover was cut from a brochure about the Space Center. The white stars were added with a white paint pen.

The inside pages use all sorts of things from out trip. Snippets from ads and brochures, mini photos sold at the gift shop and actual photographs we took on our trip. Notice the ticket stub used at the bottom of the right page.

My tip for today is when traveling keep all sorts of memorablia and then USE IT when scrapping! What could bring back more memories than actual items from the event?

Try a new size and style when scrapping! This album was inspired by a friend of mine's fabulous mini-album about going to a concert. I love how the style makes it
feel as if you are reading a storybook not just looking at photographs.

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