Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Intentions

Well today was frustrating. We got up and headed downtown to Ikea early to purchase the legs for my new work surfaces. The plan was to buy the legs and then spend the rest of the day staining them and assembling. Well- we got there only to find that they were out of stock. Very disappointing considering it's an hour and a half drive and that their website was showing them in stock before we left the house. Total bummer.
Hubby to the rescue! He said- "I can build these easily" and stopped at Home Depot to purchase the lumber. This is good and bad. Good because he has the best intentions and his building skills are superior- the bad is who knows when he will actually get around to building them. It's a catch 22- bug him and he may never build them, don't bug him and he may completely forget about them. :::sigh::::
Yesterday however, was a good day! I stopped at a garage sale and found some major loot. I purchased an overhead projector (it needs a bulb) an old fashioned stapler( I can't resist them) and 4 hole punches for $5.00! While paying there was a coffee can filled to the top with wooden rings sitting by the cash box. No one knew what they were for or what they had been. I started rattling off things someone could do with them and the next thing I knew they gave them to me. I am sure I can use them for something cool. I too have good intentions- but, who knows when I will get to them.

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