Thursday, January 31, 2008

I almost forgot....

My life has become insanely busy all of a sudden. Broken cars - up to 6 carpool trips a day- chairing committee's- house guests- you name it! So busy in fact that I forgot to pick up pictures I put in to be printed weeks ago! Usually I stand there and wait because I am so excited to get them back- forgetting that they were there is a definate sign that I am trying to do to much. That and the fact that I found the cordless phone in the refridgerator - but, enough said about that!!

Anyway there amongst my photos were pictures I had taken of my finished wrapped xmas packages. I posted my ideas here on the blog and then forgot to post how they turned out. Big hit! I used brown shipping paper and rolls of twine. All the ribbon I used came from rolls purchased at thrift shops and garage sales! Then I used an old book whose pages had that perfect patina and glued and cut and punched all sorts of designs. I thought they looked pretty cool.

My favorite packages were the ones where I glued on all the snowflakes that I had punched out decorating other packages. Really time consuming- but, Oh la la! Everyone loved the wool snowman ornaments I made for embellishments. Now I just have to figure out how to top it next year!
Sorry I am so late posting the end results.. but, I figure the same ideas could be used for birthdays - how cute with silk sunflowers tied in the ribbon or valentines day.. lots of punched book page hearts! Cute!

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