Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quilling & Stuff...

Some scrapbooks are amazing and beautiful because of their perfectly matching coordinated pages. Other scrapbooks are amazing because of how different and unique each page is from the others. Personally, as a scrapper I tend to want to try something new and different on each page. New techiques, new products, new ideas are what really float my boat. However, coming up with new ideas and techniques all the time can be challenging. I'm always reading magazines or books for inspiration. For
example we recently went to the Aquarium and I have a bunch of really cool photos of sea life that I am dying to scrap.

A while back I purchased a childrens Klutz book all about Paper Quilling. It came with the strips of paper, glue and eyes and instructions on how to make all sorts of cool sea creatures as well as instructions and product for lots of other nifty things. I searched and searched my patterned papers and nothing seemed liked the right background so I tried another new technique. On watercolor paper I used watercolor pencils and drew the sea.
If you've never tried these pencils- they are so fun and awesome to work with. They go on like a regular colored pencil but, when you add water on top of what you've colored it turns into watercolor as if you had painted it! I love the effect.

When I find time to work on the Layout- I'm ready to go and there is nothing else in my scrapbooks like my new little google eyed sea friends!


Whimsiquills said...

Take a look at the Accord Quilling Pattern a Day Calendar for some really neat ideas for scrapbook accents. Each calendar has 300+ designs and even comes with the strips. (I coordinated the project) The pieces are all small enough to fit on scrapbook pages, tags, or cards and there are some really clever designs. Quillers from around the world submitted their designs, there are designs for every holiday plus other themed things like baby, food, or men's designs. I am an avid quiller and have put up a couple of scrapbook pages on my web site. One, a picture of one of my dogs, has quilled dogs around it; they are designs I found in the book you mentioned. Feel free to check out my site, there is lots of info about quilling, pictures, and supplies as well.
Pat Caputo

DebbiB said...

Those are adorable, Amy! I may have to pick that book up - and then hide it from my kids...

Lori McDonald said...

That is way way way coool - I think I need that book too!!!