Sunday, January 13, 2008


For me the creative process is a slow one. I'm amazed by scrappers who can sit down at a table and crank out page after page. In the amount of time it takes some scrappers to do a double page layout it takes me just to decide what paper to use.
I think I have scrappers ADD.

Right now I am so far behind on things I have to scrap. 8 projects that should have been done yesterday. I begin planning one and then get an idea for another and then another and nothing is getting completed. ARGHHHHHHHHH! I am beginning to panic.

I just need to pick a project and get rolling with it and forget about the rest until it's done. Yeah- that's the ticket. I also need to commit to completing something today- so here it is in typing. I PROMISE to POST a FINISHED project to this page by the end of the DAY!

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