Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Bites!

Somehow I managed to go from having a minivan and a spare minivan to having NO van at all. I am stranded.
You've seen my earlier post about my eggplant van rolling into a tree...well my other van has decided to stall whenever you brake or stop- so now it's in the shop too. Arghhhhh!
Eggplant due back sometime Friday- Verdict still out on the Silver One.
This would be bad enough- but, my oldest son started college (commuting) last week and is missing classes and it's my week in the carpool rotation for son number 2 and there is an ice storm coming and I am out of groceries etc. etc. etc.
What's a Mom to do?
Scrap of course! There on the porch waiting for me when I came home from dropping Van 2 off at the garage was the most lovely site- a UPS package! And inside was something even more exciting....

:::gasp::: Those of you who have a crop-a-dile are no doubt grinning from ear to ear- those of you who don't have one..let me tell you about this puppy! It punches holes- multiple sized holes. Into cardstock, into paper, into fabric, leather, plastic and thin metals, so easily it's like you are cutting butter. It silently then sets eyelets, in multiple sizes and grommets, even BIG grommets--SILENTLY. What makes my new toy better than the original crop-a-dile? Well it can do all of this anywhere on a 12x12 page. Even in the center! AND it sits on the desk for hands free operation or you can use it in a handheld fashion. AND there are no parts and pieces - it's self contained. You just spin this and spin that and set the guide and you are all set! Love it!
Ahhh gee!
No car?
Guess I will have stay home and play all day! :)


JL said...

I have this too! I love the fact you could silently put in an eyelet in the middle of a 12x12 page! I wonder what I'll do with the other eyelet tools.

JL said...

I got this too! I'm so excited to be able to put in an eyelet in the middle of a 12x12 page without having to resort to the hammer. I wonder what I'll do with the other eyelet kits I have..