Thursday, May 29, 2008

Before It's Gone

I live in an area that is changing. It's quickly growing with lots of homes, shopping and schools being built. I drive past this old Cotton Gin almost everyday and I found myself wondering how long it would be there, if anyone besides me cared.
So, I decided to start taking photographs of it and other things in my area that I love before they are gone. For the layout I wanted to something special, so I made the background "paper". Strips of masking tape were coated with Gesso which was then dried and painted. Once completely dried they were applied in a random order to my cardstock. The title is made from Tim Holtz's Grungeboard which I tried to make look rusted and weathered. I'm falling in love with this more artistic form of Scrapbooking.

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windakong said...

i also like Scrapbooking.and i like to visit your blog to see what you haved written and showed.