Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

In celebration of National Scrapbook Day and to make up for all my time AWOL.. I've decided to make a bunch of Blog Entries today...I've been saving up some ideas and projects to share... hope you enjoy them.

Scrappy Chic
These photos taken from the May 2007 issue of Real Simple magazine are so inspirational to me. Look closely. The ladies are hand drawn and then lightly watercolored. It's their clothes that blow me away - simply cut from fabric or paper or ribbons they are glued directly onto the figures. I love how they are draped and folded into place.

To add to the realizm real beads, buttons and trims are added along with a little hand sewing to add seams.

As scrappers we can so do this! How often are we need in something more "grown up" than cutesy?

Don't be intimidated by the hand drawing - how about printing out a photograph and then adding homemade clothing on top of it?

Another option would be to search the internet for fashion drawings then print them out onto a transparency- then quickly turning the transparency over onto your cardstock and quickly rubbing it all over- lightly transfering the image (be sure to hold the transparency still) Fun!

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