Friday, May 2, 2008

Update !

I'm baccckk! Sorry for being AWOL... between life and a computer virus I have been missing from the Online Scene and have had some serious withdrawls!

First, tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day and we're having an Inspiration Online Crop at Rocky Mountain Hobbies to celebrate. It's going to be great fun with a dozen Quickfire Challenges you can create in an hour or less and other terrific projects. 8am until Midnight(Eastern).

We've decided to definately keep the dog... thanks to everyone for your awesome name suggestions. We've decided to name him Bueller after Ferris Bueller. LOVE that movie and I can't resist the thought of standing on the porch calling him..and then saying... anyone? anyone? when he doesn't come.

I've got some cool bargains and such to post. But, I think I'll wait until tomorrow.

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