Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chugging Along!

Sorry for the gap in posts... I've been rearranging furniture and had the pc taken apart for a bit. I'm coming along on my Scrapping room and still shooting for the
24th as my completion date. I'm also learning to be patient. The bases for my new work surfaces took my husband 9 days longer than he said they would. Then once they were done and it was time to cut the plexiglass top- of course he needed a new saw blade and that took 3 days to purchase. :::sigh::: In his defense he's been working some really long hours lately. Boy is there a lot to organize in a scrapping room!
I'm discovering lots of things I forgot I had, which is never a bad thing and sort of a freebee in my opinion. Speaking of Freebee's one of my favorite things to do on my layouts is to embellish them with things I find laying around the house. On the layout below I used a piece of train track that was bent and no longer usable. Keep your eyes peeled for things around your house you can use for your scrapping! It's a way to be original without all the work of making something.

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