Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm getting there!

If you read my blog regularly then you'll remember that a few weeks ago I made a disappointing trip to Ikea to purchase four of the table legs pictured. When they were out of stock my husband offered to make them for me. Well I am happy to report that they are done and are exactly like the ones from the store! I've painted two and yesterday hauled them upstairs to my scrapping room. Then I removed the antique glass doorknob from one of the old doors I bought as "desktops" and placed it on top. I couldn't be more pleased and can't wait to get the other one upstairs and into place. The next step is to install the plexiglass tops. Boy is plexiglass expensive! On top of the my husband will need a special saw blade to cut it so that the "edges" are nice. The redo of my scrapping space is my birthday gift. So I'll reveal pictures of the finished room on my actual birthday- November 24th! I hope you'll like it as much as I think I am going to and that you'll find some storage and organizational tips that you can use in your scrapping space.

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