Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Hooked !

Besides scrapbooking I love to dye and felt wool. I then take the wool and make things from it or cut it into strips and hook rugs. In the layout below I scrapped about my other hobby. I used materials for the layout that I use when making rugs.
And added photographs of a couple of my finished rugs.
What other things do you like to do besides scrapbooking? Have you made a Layout about them?

Consider making a layout about other hobbies or past hobbies!


Robin said...

Amy that LO is great. And the rugs you made are awesome. The only other thing I love to do besides scrapbooking is cooking, so maybe I can do a LO on that.

Stacie said...

I didn't know you did wool rugs! I swear, you have more stories and more abilities that any ten people I know! (I also suspect at some point I'll find out you were a spy or something :)