Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day and this morning my sons were the color guard at church. They carried the flags, posted them and led the congregation in the Pledge of Allegience.
They looked so confident and proud dressed in their Boy Scout Uniforms. I was proud.
I kept thinking that my Dad would have been even prouder and how much I wished he was still living so he could see them.

My Dad served in World War II. Fresh out of High School he joined the Navy, where they sent him to school and he became a Photographer. He took photographs of many historical events and was even an aerial photographer that hung outside of airplanes taking pictures of terrain so that maps could be made.

I looked at my oldest son this morning and couldn't even imagine him doing things like that at his age- yet he's the same age my Dad was.

This year my Mom moved into a smaller place and passed on to me all the family memorabilia. Six of those huge blue plastic tote boxes packed full. Included in them are my Dad's photographs from the war.

They've been passed to me and entrusted to me as the one who "will know what to do with them." What a daunting title! Yes, I scrapbook. But, this is different. Where do I even begin to sort through and make sense of entire lives? How can I do them justice? So for now the boxes still sit. Unsorted and untouched. I would love to scan and make albums for my siblings and my Mom I just don't know what computer program to use or where to begin. Have any of you taken on a task of
this magnitude? Any ideas of suggestions would be so welcome!

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Lori McDonald said...

I know how you feel!! I have all my husbands stuff - and while it isnt' that old - It is 18 years - and five combat deployments worth of history!!!!!

Hmmm maybe we should get together for a long weekend an plan?!?!?