Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm not sure if it's a compliment or a curse. But, if you are a scrapper eventually family and friends start expecting and hoping for homemade items for gifts. Hand created cards are a must, followed by hand crafted gifts and gift tags and oh so clever wrappings.
The thing is that I truly like making presents for everyone- it's just that there aren't enough hours in the day. Oh, sure every year right after the holidays I vow to begin making things right away for the following year- but, of course that never happens and then I want to wait and see what the new products will be and the next thing you know Thanksgiving is less than a week away and the panic sets in. That's where I am now... trying to think of things that will:

1). make my Mom cry (that's how we know she REALLY likes it)
2). make my Mother in Law happy (because I love to find her just the right thing)
3). give my Father in Law a chuckle
4). do something truly spectacular for my Sister (my biggest scrapbooking fan)as
well as finishing up the layouts I promised her I would do months ago.
5). put together something for my neice to keep her intrest in scrapping going!

Eeek! So in honor of my stressed out scrapping holiday to do list today I'm posting
a tag idea so you can get up jump on your list!

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