Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm thankful for so many things! I'm especially thankful for a day that makes me slow down a bit and take time to really think about all the reasons in my life to give thanks.
One of the things on my "thanks list" is for you who stop by and read my humble blog. Writing a blog is a new experience for me and while I truly enjoy it I find it a struggle sometimes because it can feel like no one is here.
So if you stop by today and have time please leave me a post. Just say "Hi" or let me know what you like about the blog or what you'd like to see me post more about.
I'd honestly be thankful for your input.


Renee said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Always a pleasure and an inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Amy! I wouldn't miss a day - I love to see your ideas! I sure wish I were that talented, but I am thankful for the talent I do have.

TammyB said...

I stop by once or twice a week. I love your ideas =) Hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

Jaime said...

Well, since you asked, I'll come out of lurking and say hi. :-)

I have quite a few blogs I check on a regular basis and yours has quickly become one of them. I don't even remember how or where I found "you", but I love reading your blog. I appreciate your scrapbooking tips and I have been inspired many times by your pages and crafts. I enjoy glimpses into your family as well as just sharing in your love for crafting.

Thanks for sharing all the great tips and ideas! Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

Stacie said...

I love your blog, Amy!

You have great ideas every time I stop by and it's my way of connecting with you even though I haven't really "talked" with you :)

I'm thankful for you and your blog!

Lori McDonald said...

I'm here!!!! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!