Friday, November 9, 2007

Yard Sales

I'm sorry I am posting a bit later in the day than usual. Fact is that after I dropped my son of from school I just couldn't ignore the yard sale signs along the drive home.

The first sale I stopped at I found some great things. A box of Congratulations banners for $1.00. I will for sure be using these at my oldest Son's Eagle Ceremony in January. A book called "Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy"! I can never resist a good craft book and this one shows darling things like Penguins and Bees made by just twisting the right colored pipe cleaners in the right directions. I've always thought that Pipe Cleaners had to have some use in scrapping- so not so long ago
I bought boxes of them on clearance- maybe now with the help of this book I will figure out how I can use them in the scrapping world. Then I found and grabbed a belt identical to one my oldest has that my youngest always "borrows". The $1.00 price tag was a bargain for peace.

Then I continued on to the 2nd Yard Sale. Where the only thing I purchased is my find of the day. There on a table were not one, but two styrofoam cones. And they were only 10 cents a piece! I know I busted into a giant grin as I picked them up- because one of the projects for the Holiday Cybercrop on Saturday is making button trees on - you guessed it- styrofoam cones! Sherry Laffoon is teaching the class. Aren't they darling? I just love when you hit a yard sale and find exactly what you need - seriously what are the odds?

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