Sunday, November 4, 2007

Napkins- Who knew?

Here's a Layout that I did a long time ago. I'm posting it because it features a nifty trick that you can try too. Printed napkins are a great source of scrapping goodness! The image of the building under the journaling is from a napkin we got during dinner. Napkins are layered and if you carefully pull the layers apart you will end up with the printed design on a tissue thin piece of napkin. This can be applied with a little bit of Modge Podge onto anything! Imagine applying it to chipboard pieces!! You just put a little Modge Podge onto the surface where you want the napkin to go.. then carfully set down the napkin and using a sponge brush apply a little Modge Podge over the top and Voila! This technique is great with Wedding Napkins, Napkins used during a holiday dinner, Birthdays- you name it!

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