Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best Laid Plans...

Just when I thought I had a handle on Christmas shopping, just went I was nearing the end of my baking, just when I was beginning to dare to imagine that I would be ready in time.... CRASH! My van decided to attempt suicide. Nobody was driving- it was just parked in the driveway like any other ordinary day and it decided to roll it's way over the driveway, down the hill and into a little tree.
The tree is fine.. barely a scratch. The van needs thousands of dollars of repair.
So instead of crafting or baking or shopping I am now getting estimates for auto body work and paint jobs. I was angry and feeling sorry for myself...but, then we got a phone call that changed everything.
My husband is on vacation this week- but, his work keeps calling him on his cell phone to ask oh so important questions. Yesterday after an auto body trip his phone went off and he ignored it-- "Oh, go ahead and answer it", I said, knowing full well that he wanted to- a man on the other end wanted to know directions to a job site and didn't realize Don was on vacation. I asked who he was and Don told me a little about him.. things like "Nice Guy" and "Good Worker." This morning my husband got a phone call that, that same man passed away last night. Talk about putting things in perspective. I think I will feel blessed no one was in or in the path of my van when it decided to take it's stroll and be happy with what I do get accomplished for Christmas instead of being frustrated with what isn't done. It's going to be a very Merry Holiday as we are all happy, healthy and together.


Stacie said...

I'm sorry to read about Don't co-worker. It does put things in perspective, doesn't it? though I hope when it's my turn to go that people will have honest, good things to say about me as well ("hard worker" would be nice.)

Regarding your van, have you had the breaks checked? I don't want you stopped at a traffic light on a hill or steep grade and find out you rolled backwards into oncoming traffic! :-P

Stacie said...

*that should have read "Don's co-worker" (I just retyped "Don't" twice again before getting it right. My hands are not cooperating today!)