Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Gifts

This weekend I started concentrating on "little gifts". By little gifts I mean those for people you want to say a little thank-you to or for those you want to do a little something for to show you care. This weekend in between a zillion Mom's taxi runs I worked on making Santa Candy Bar Jackets.

I'm tickled at the way they turned out. The pattern for the Jacket is by Windows of Time. I used Cadberry Dark Chocolate bars- removed the wrappers and got busy. It felt like Santa's Workshop with a dozen bars all lined up in various stages of production. Don't you love when you have a gift you are excited to give? I have to warn you - making these becomes an addiction. The more I made the more people I thought of who deserved a little chocolate. I see another Candy Bar Jacket Day in my near future.


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Amy!!! This is adorable but how can you post this without instructions on how to do em??? Puhlllleeeeeeze post it....

Amy McCarty said...


I found the pattern in a pattern book that you can find here:

It's in the Jacket book. Lots and lots of cute candy bar jackets for all kinds of seasons and occassions.