Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Magic

Last year I made globe ornament cards for my Mom and my In-laws. They were so much fun to make. Inside each ornament is a rubberband that makes the "magic". The WOW factor is that the ornament card folds flat into the envelope- but, when you pull it out - it magically springs into a globe or ornament form!

To decorate the outside of the card I used my Cricut to cut out a variety of cute
Christmas related characters and used flat embellishments so that when mailed I wouldn't have to pay for hand cancelling. Which not only is more expensive, it causes delays in mailing. I also used rub-ons for the greeting, but a rubber stamp
would have worked just as well.

The globe ornaments were a big hit with both families hanging them on their trees.
I would love to make more of these in the future- but, with family photographs and a more elegant theme. I think it would be awesome to make these each year with photographs of the years' family highlights.

My cards this year have a different kind of WOW - thanks to my husband who last weekend suggested that we stop in the town of Bethlehem, GA and mail my cards. There they postmark them with a big cancellation from Bethlehem, complete with a Nativity


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Kathy said...

Love these ornaments They are so cute and would be fun to make. Do you have a pattern for the ornament shape that you would share?


Amy McCarty said...

Keep your eyes posted on the blog- I may have news of file you can use to cut these soon.