Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Paper Piercing

I am constantly amazed by all the different ways to work with paper and nothing thrills me more than learning about and trying new techniques. This morning I tried my hand at paper piercing for the first time. I am astounded that something as simple as pushing holes into paper can produce something so delicate and beautiful.

To make this dove ornament I used your run of the mill white cardstock that you buy where copier paper is sold. It's acid free and you get 400 sheets for under $5.00.
I could have cut the pieces for at least 2 birds from a single sheet! Now that's a bargain.

To make the holes I first tried using a regular sewing needle- but, my gripping fingers quickly tired. Then I tried using a push pin with more comfort
and success.

An important thing to remember is that the "right" side isn't the side
of the paper where you put the pin in- but, the back side where the little bump is
formed. I also ended up putting a cork coaster underneath the paper while I was piercing, a mouse pad would work just as well.

I really enjoyed this technique and can see it being used in to many ways. Subtle and elegant- perfect for wedding layouts and embellishments. With a zero cost factor
paper piecing is a keeper in my bag of tricks.


Lori McDonald said...

This is sooo pretty!! Great Job as usual Amy!!!


DebbiB said...

Beautiful - I have to try this technique myself!