Sunday, September 9, 2007

Flea Market Fun

Yesterday morning was gorgeous. Wanting to spend some time outside we decided to head to the Flea Market. You never know what you'll find at a flea market..but, I walked away with enough bargains to make happy! My first find was 4 minature decks of cards- 2 red and 2 blue all for a $1.00. These are the perfect size to use as embellishments on layouts or for cards. They also make fun, mini artist trading cards. Next I discovered a brand new Scrabble game for $1.00! I love the look of Scrabble tiles when used on a layout for the title. Then I stumbled on 12 packages of rubon alphabets. Made as office supplies there are both upper and lower case alphabets in each package and multiples of each letter- cost $1.00 for the lot.
My final purchase was a package of 12 Sharpies for $3.00! Not bad for a grand total of $6.00! I was hoping to find some things I could use in the redo of my scrapping room- but, didn't have much luck. Oh well- maybe next time!

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